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Real Estate Club

The Real Estate Club at Indiana University is designed to introduce students to the commercial real estate industry and enhance the professional development of its members. This is done by providing members with a variety of resources designed to introduce them to the basics of the industry and improve soft skills necessary to succeed in commercial real estate. 

Eligibility: Freshmen - Senior

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Commercial Real Estate


The Commercial Real Estate Workshop is a program of selected students designed to dive deeper into the world of real estate. It is a case-based curriculum designed to enhance the technical skills required for success in the commercial real estate industry. Each case is constructed to expose students to different career paths and allow students to research, underwrite, and present real deals that were done in the past or are ongoing. 

Eligibility: Spring of Sophomore or Junior Year

Real Estate Private
Equity Fund

The Real Estate Private Equity Program is a highly selective program for students to apply their knowledge in a real-world context. A student-raised and operated real estate investment fund that aims to create an experience that is not typically gained until two or three years following graduation in a full-time role. Each student is placed on a deal team that is responsible for sourcing and deploying capital, and a functional team that is responsible for the daily operations of the fund.

Eligibility: Typically Senior

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