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Speaker Events

Throughout the school year, The Real Estate Club aims to give our members valuable insight into the commercial real estate industry through hearing from professionals from a variety of firms and backgrounds. We host guest speaker panels all across the real estate industry including career paths such as private equity, development, brokerage, investment banking, government interaction, and more. At our speaker events, students have the opportunity to interact, ask questions, learn, and network with real professionals working in the industry.

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The primary goal of The Real Estate Club at IU is to introduce students to the possibilities within commercial real estate and to provide the resources necessary to begin a successful career in the industry. We provide students with the information to enhance their professional development such as our Canvas page that includes a variety of real estate specific materials and education, career guidance, internship opportunities, and more. Students also are given the opportunity to attend resume workshops and real estate career fairs to ensure a profitable member experience and higher chance of obtaining an internship.

Case Competitions

To give students the opportunity to gain additional insight into the numerous careers within commercial real estate, the club hosts different case competitions throughout the school year. These case competitions consist of students performing market research and underwriting to provide a professional presentation to judges with a final recommendation on the subject property. Currently, the cases have been oriented around providing investment recommendations or opinions of value on properties of varying asset classes.


Site Visits

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The Real Estate Club at IU organizes in-person site visits of commercial real estate projects to combine the concepts heard in the classroom and lessons learned from guest speakers. These tours can occur across a wide range of areas from Bloomington to Indianapolis, along with a variety of asset classes including multi-family, industrial, retail, and more. Members have the opportunity to learn first-hand from the owners and understand how they successfully develop and manage a commercial property.

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